Zanteres TradingGuru


The stock market game for beginners and experts




TradingGuru is a stock market game and simulation

The stock prices in TradingGuru are not only generated randomly (like a common stock market game). There are real effects like on every exchange. The traders job is to find out and exploit these effects to his advantage. That way you will learn trading and developing the right strategy while playing an entertaining game.

Develop your strategy and learn trading without risk and loss of real money. Or just have fun and beat the market.


Learn trading – buy and sell stocks successfully 

Decide when to invest your money and when to close a trade. What is your strategy? Do you enter the market when you see a trend in the course? Or are you trading a breakout system? Or maybe a reversion system? There are a lot of possibilities … with this app you will learn trading the easy way.



You can buy or sell stocks

Or as the experts say: You can go “long” or “short”. If you suppose stock prices will raise in future then buy stocks and sell them later. If you suppose prices will fall you can sell them at first (and on a real exchange borrow from someone else) and buy them at a later point of time.

That means you can bet both on raising and falling stock prices.


Close all your open position easily

With the “close” button you can close a trade easily. No matter if you have a long- or a short-position open.


Adjust your risk

With the “Position size” you decide how many stocks to buy (or sell) when you press the “buy” (or “sell”) button. This way you also manage your risk. The larger a position size is, the higher is your exposure. You have a higher chance to make large profits but you also can lose more money.



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